Top Rated Memory Foam Mattresses

RankingBrandProduct DescriptionScore (5)Purchase
1Sleep Innovations12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress 20-Year Warranty4.9
2LUCID100% CertiPUR Foam - 25-Year Warranty4.8
3Serta12-Inch Gel Foam 3-Layer Mattress4.5
4Ultimate Dreams13" Gel Memory Foam Mattres4.3
5DynastyLuxury Grand 15-Inch with 7.5"4.3

About Memory Foam Mattresses

memory foamGood sleep is essential to health all day. It is therefore important to have a good comfortable mattress to spend a peaceful and pleasant night. You will find that memory foam mattresses also called shape memory mattress. Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about these mattresses, their benefits, the prices and some helpful tips if you want to acquire a memory foam mattress.

Made of polyurethane foam, very high density, this mattress conforms to the shape of the body and decreases point cuts at the joints of the body. Density of viscoelastic mattresses varies from about 55 to 90kg/m3.

The advantages of this type of mattress:

  • The comfort

The viscoelastic mattress is comfortable. It relieves pressure points of your body and evenly distributes the pressure of the weight of your body, thus getting you good sleep. This mattress supports every vertebra and joint individually. In addition, it will not obstruct blood flow. It is particularly recommended for people with joint problems, back, spine or the bloodstream.

  • Independence sleeping

If you sleep for two, you will not be bothered by the movement of one or the other during the night.

  • Hygiene

The memory foam is naturally healthy. Indeed, it is hypoallergenic. Some mattresses are more antimicrobial.

  • Heat

The viscoelastic foam is a good heat conductor. So it promises warm and cozy nights. It is better to avoid this type of mattress if you have heavy sweating.

mattressBefore buying your memory foam mattress should pay attention to certain points including:

  • Mattress size

It must be the same as your box.

  • The frame

For this type of mattress, the slatted is perfect. The box spring is itself undesirable.

  • Density

A high density of at least 80kg/m3 for your mattress plays its role perfectly.

  • Price

The higher the density, the higher the quality mattress will, but the price is also higher. For high quality mattresses, count a minimum of $500 for a mattress for one person and $1,000 for a mattress for two. Of course you can find cheaper mattresses with lower from $200 to $300.

What is the difference between a foam and spring mattress?

It is above all a matter of fact: one is not better than the other. However, comfort is different: a foam mattress will tend to follow the contours of the body to absorb and body movements on bedding, so a spring mattress has a greater resilience (rebound spring which tends to return to its equilibrium position effect.) I advise you to adopt the principle of continuity and not change technology, when you change your mattress.

Is that the height of my mattress influences its quality?
Do not confuse thickness and quality. Everything depends on the materials. Indeed, a spring mattress is generally thicker than foam mattresses, given the volume used by a spring. By cons, in the same suspension technology and of the same brand, a thicker mattress is often synonymous with best home comfort (the packing is more abundant) and greater life.

Is this a good mattress is necessarily hard?
This is a wrong idea to banish. Indeed, the firmness of a mattress should be primarily adapted to your morphology. Too firm mattress causes hyper-curve of the spine and is as bad as too soft mattress (trough effect). Choose a mattress suited to each of you. Note that some bedding can combine within the same mattress of two different degrees of firmness.

What is the advantage of a relaxation bed (head and foot lift)?
This is a unique comfort: to read or watch TV in bed while relaxing. This is the dream. In addition, these types of bedding used to sleep with legs slightly raised, and promoting blood circulation.